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Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Oh confidence! Where art thou?"

Confidence is one huge thing I'm lacking BIG TIME in this sport. Maybe that's why I can't do my 25 in 5, my crossovers, t-stops, etc. I'm so f*$%@ing scared of myself and think I can't do this. I thought the same thing when I first started.

"What? Derby? Like actually maintaining balance on skates while people hit me and vice versa? Wait... BEING on skates?!?!?!?! Hell no!"

But despite my reluctance at the beginning (and my crap in my pants fear), here I am, actually skating around pretty darn good for someone who never skated before.But yet, I keep holding myself back. WHY?!

I'm so tired of holding myself back, after watching my team mates at our last bout go into it with only 9 skaters against a WFTDA team, I wanna be out there with them, not on the sidelines taking pictures. I got to do some hitting at my last practice and it felt amazing, my Coach (which also happens to be my fiance) said the grin on my face everytime I hit that pad and stayed up was great. Made me feel good and made me want this more.

So look out derby world... I'm coming for it with a vengeance! I wanna be out there with my sisters!

Any other seasoned vets got some good pointers to help me along the way?

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